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It Takes A Team


Real Estate teams are increasingly becoming the norm. In the 1990s, real estate teams began to populate the landscape and compete with traditional individual real estate agents because the industry is highly competitive and demands sometimes more than one person can do to the standard required.


• Greater Productivity: Teams can leverage the collective time and experience of its members, to more effectively deliver a full suite of services for buyers and sellers. Teams consisting of people fully operating out of their various gifts, talents, and strengths toward a common goal, are able to accomplish much more than individuals acting alone.

• More Creativity and Innovation: Teams are usually able to offer a broader level of service and expertise than an individual agent.

• Joint Collaboration: Teams enable individuals to build upon one another’s ideas to create solutions that go beyond one person’s vision of possibilities.

• Leveraging Multiple Spheres: Real estate is a relationship-driven business, and tapping into a sphere of influence is a great way to find buyers and sellers. Teams combine their resources, leads, spheres of influence and this gives your property a selling advantage.

• No Cloning: There’s someone to lend a helping hand when you can’t be two places at once. Teams can handle and do more than the average single real estate agent.


~ When you hire The LINDI/CAMARON Team to market and sell your property, you are leveraging a group of real estate and marketing professionals working synchronously for the same goal – to sell your home expediently and at the best possible price point. ~

Investment in Online Marketing & Technology

Discriminating clients choose to work with the Lindi/Camaron Team because they understand and appreciate their commitment to investing in the latest technology and online marketing trends.

Each property is handled in a unique manner, depending on the sales price, the demand for the type of property, as well as the size and location of the property.

  • Professional Photography: We hire a professional real estate photography firm to handle most of our property listings. This ensures that our listings look and show their best in print, video, and online.
  • Professional Videography & Online Tours: Each of our listings is marketed via advanced listing software platforms. This is an online platform which gives each individual property its very own property website and ensures that each listing is seen with complete descriptions, online photos and tours and printable brochures. Our listings really do stand out among the masses on online MLS services.
  • 3d Photography & Tours: For Previews* listings, we provide the latest in 3d photography and virtual tours. This technology actually allows a client to tour a home as if they are doing an actual on-sight walk through. They can virtually ‘walk’ through the house, choosing their own routes and taking their own time to focus in on elements that interest them. The detail to these tours is amazing, and people who fly in from out of town are ready to sign on the line knowing this is the property for them.
  • Drone Technology: The Lindi/Camaron Team also invests in drone technology which enables clients to view a property in it’s entirety from an aerial view. This is tremendously helpful in understanding the topography of an area as well as being able to scout the property layout.
  • Social Media & Online Network: This is something that the Coldwell Banker Properties Unlimited and Lindi/Camaron Team do better than any other regional firm – hands down. Our online marketing team spends hours each week developing new social media content, pushing listings through social media sites, increasing our friend base, and paying to advertise online through social sources. Our online social media network is approximately 200% greater than any other real estate firm in the area. We can not stress the importance of this factor enough. Social is everything these days and we utilize this tool better than any of our competitors.
How we use 3d & Drone technology to promote our listings
Our stunning professional photography
Why social reach matters, and how we invest more in social media than any other regional firm
Partnering with local businesses to increase our brand recognition through our social network as well as theirs to build a stronger buyer pool for our clients

It took me almost two years to find the property I wanted to call “home.” Lindi patiently showed me  property after property spending many a Saturday or Sunday searching. At times, we drove miles to get to a property and I asked to leave without ever even stopping. One day, we stopped and, as I got out, Lindi took one look at me and said, “This is it, isn’t it?” I’ll never forget that moment when I knew I was finally home. But that was only the beginning. I became embroiled in a bidding war between four buyers. Eventually I prevailed. I had my home. About a year later, I decided to attempt real estate sales in the area, and Lindi became my broker. I had an inside track into how thoroughly honest and hard-working she truly is. Coldwell Banker continues to recognize her as one of their top brokers in the US, as do her local realtor colleagues. She’s been named Best Realtor in Washington County many times. Recently, when I decided to sell half of my property, I listed it with Lindi. Happily, the property eventually sold at list price. It was a complicated closing, but Lindi coordinated it with her usual aplomb. A truly seasoned professional. I couldn’t recommend a better realtor. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

                                                                                                                                      L. Lacross / Repeat Customer